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Large diameter tunnels will convey up to 255m3/sec of water from the Sacramento River to major pumping stations in the south.The programme comprises three river intake structures, around 16km of 8.8m- and 12.2m-ID tunnels, and approximately 96km of 12.2m ID main conveyance tunnels with inverts at around 46m below ground level.A variety of flood control works have been constructed including five new deep detention reservoirs, a new 2•4 km-long river diversion tunnel and the enlargement of an existing 1•8 km-long culvert.In addition, the city’s new operation and control centre monitors all river flows.Earthquakes, floods and rising sea levels could cause these levees to fail, putting fresh water supply at risk from saltwater contamination.California’s USbn Water Fix Programme (formerly Bay Delta Conservation Plan) aims to upgrade the water conveyance network in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region.Este dispositivo viene con la plataforma Security Center de Genetec™ preinstalada, y el S-32 v2 permite la consolidación de múltiples sitios remotos en un sólo entorno de seguridad, a la vez que soporta una gran variedad de cámaras IP que pueden ser usadas a lo largo de los años sin problemas de obsolescencia, y de controladores de puertas que se adaptan a diversas necesidades de instalación.Este aparato es ideal para aquellas organizaciones que ya han hecho una inversión cuantiosa en cámaras análogas a través de los años, como la industria bancaria y de ventas al por menor.

Este dispositivo está disponible de inmediato para los miembros certificados del Programa de Socios de Negocios Genetec™ y los usuarios finales alrededor del mundo.

Line 15 will be entirely underground and will comprise the excavation of 75km of tunnels; Line 16 will be 25km long, including 5.5km in common with Line 17 which will be 27km long and have 9 stations, while the 35km-long Line 18 will have 10 new stations.

The majority of the tunnels will be TBM-bored through Paris basin sediments at depths of between 15-55m below the surface and advancing at rates of 10-12m/day.

Around 205km of new line and 72 stations will be completed in phases through to 2030.

The project will involve the construction of 4 new, fully automated metro lines (Nos 15, 16, 17 and 18) and the extension of two existing lines (11 and 14).

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Any water that seeps in is pumped out automatically.

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