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didn’t just change television when it debuted in 2003, it also helped push culture forward.

As quite possibly the first show with an all-gay cast, the first Fab Five were more than just quick-witted and highly-skilled reality stars.

They were an inspiration and, at times, a lifeline to countless viewers across the country yearning to see someone– was shut?

Some have gone on to even bigger stardom, while others are working with Tina Fey and on a first-name basis with Reba Mc Entire.

Check out the slideshow above to see how things just keep getting better for those game-changing gays.

new fashion expert Tan France is the man behind the UK women's clothing line Kingdom & State and made the leap to TV for this new role.

"But I did grow up in a rural town on the Mississippi River like five hours southwest of Chicago.Berk brings a bit of upbeat fun to the show, but he also has a serious discussion about growing up religious and how that conflicted with his sexuality in episode 5.Berk told us he got out of his small town at the age of 15.The new show captures that TV makeover magic again thanks to the brand new and splendidly cast Fab Five.But no matter how good these fresh-faced experts are, it’s impossible to forget your first time.

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