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Although far from a low light, three days in a boat seeing few animals and mangrove after mangrove has limited attraction.After 150 different countries we think Dhaka has the world's worst traffic!Find some space and try not to just run from one sight to another. More than anywhere else on the planet you need to What follows are only basic snap shot summaries, kind of at a glance information you won't get from a guidebook.However, let's be fair, with huge and complex countries like India, only half the story is told.The bulk of visitors discover the amazing beaches in India/Sri Lanka and two of the world's most spectacular mountain ranges.Temples and alien culture are abound, alongside thousands of lesser-known worthwhile attractions void of others.There is just no way that it won't have an effect on you and if (like me and thousands of others) you leave after your first trip loathing it, you'll probably remember your visit fondly and be back many, many times.The best advice to minimise the negative effect travel in India can have is to allow time or keep to a small route, pick a cooler time of year and remember that although India can be dirt cheap it will always be more expensive for a traveller.

the road to Leh , Ladakh, trek to Gangotri Glacier - so much and especially the people and general feel.Generally speaking, the best time to visit India is from October to mid-April. Hill-stations from mid-December to February and mid-July to mid-September. Himalayas, Goa and South India guides are also available.Summer season is from March to June, Monsoon from July to September, October is again a warm month and winter lasts from November to February. You will get a smaller, more detailed guide and when outside the region make your own way and ask to take a look at other travellers guides when needed.Flights are good value and well worth it if you have the funds.Other advice is getting a double entry visa so you can pop to Nepal for a break from it all.

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