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A LONG WAY DOWN The eleven teams sprinted past Phil and ran to the middle of the expansive Colorado Street Bridge.

Only the first 7 teams to the China Airlines ticket counter at LAX could claim seats on the fastest flight.

From the sidelines, Nadiya offered up her critique of what she thought Natalie was doing wrong, adding, "Just slam it!

" Not wanting the advice, Natalie snapped back, "Be motivational. " Finally, when the champion used a small pencil case as a paddle, Natalie finally scored a point and cheered wildly at her success.

Walking into the restaurant, Abba sat down at a table and groaned as he lifted the lid off a papaya bowl to reveal the small, white gooey tubes he described as "overcooked macaroni." Almost immediately, Abba realized that using chopsticks wouldn't be helpful because of the hasma's viscous, jelly consistency so, since he couldn't use his hands to lift the bowl and drink it down, he leaned over into it and began to slurp up the dessert.

Just as Ryan, Amy, and Brittany sat down to eat their servings of hasma, Abba cleaned up both of his bowls and ripped open the next clue with rock star James sending them to The Bund to find the woman using an abacus.

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